Birds of a Feather Flock to a Hotel Takeover

We have two passions as we etablished in our blog title; Swinging and Food. Although the ulimate goal is to experience the best of both, if one category is lacking , the other can make up for it. Simply stated, last night the food was terrible  but the sex was outstanding!!!

A lifestyle group in Tampa, FL rents out an entire hotel several times a year and the whole place is filled up for a four day weekend of like minded sexy people. We found out only a week in advance and all the rooms were taken but we did purchase an evening pass that entitled us to check in at 8pm and stay until 3am. At 8 o’clock a comedian / dominatrix of humor gave a perfomance. From 9 to 10 pm, a dance of the dildos! Actually a “bring your favorite toy” theme and at 11pm the whole second floor of Play Rooms opened!!!

All the ladies were wearing sexy lingrie or barely there outfits. As I dressed for the evening, I choose all white! Dressing up is one of my favorite parts of play dates! My very pretty ,Guess ,4 inch, white high heels with a pretyy little bow on each, a flouncy white sheer skirt that barely covered my cheeks and a white lacey demi bra….. and lots of blingy diamond and rhinestone jewelry! I was soooo happy!  We met our a couple there that we had played with before and before we even hit the dance floor I had my man sucking one nipple and our lady friend of the couple on the other. Wow! The two different sensations on each breast at the same time was extremely exciting!! We girls reciprocated in kind. She took one ball in her mouth and I the other. Soon we repositioned to my mouth sucking up both balls and she took the penis in hers. Yummy and delicious!

I had brought two bottles of Borolo to the BYOB event and the dark velvet swirling in my mouth was by no means lesser than what was in my mouth a few moments ago! I knew the exquisite wine was going to add to my mellowness and warmth that already had begun to build.

A stripper’s pole on the stage got a great workout from the ladies.!!!We took turns moving and playing with each other while the music played. Different girls would come to us and we carressed and shared tounges on the dance floor. By the time the playrooms opened up stairs we were all ready and the dance floor cleared out quick as everyone was earger to PLAY!!

The second floor was set up so that each of the rooms had a theme and you were free to cum and go as you pleased. No street clothes allowed, most people were nude or had very little on. Some rooms also offered …….food? This is where we think back to the luscious bottle of Borolo that we had savored because the pizza and cookies that were offered are not going to recieve much notation in this blog. The Chocolote Room did have some pretty good treats going on there (wink)! But our first adventure was in a great favorite of mind: The Bondage Dungeon.

The Bondage Room, was set up with chairs around the perimeter, in the center of the room lay  a faced down woman on a special table and a master was demonstrating using a whip like toy on her bare ass.He brought her cheeks to a glowing red and invited others to feel her wetness. The next room featured a device that when one woman held it and then touched my skin, it gave little jolts of static electricity. As she touched me breasts it was amazing! The charges on my nipples sent waves of pleasure through me! I want one of those toys!

Next room we visted introduced me to the Symbian Machine. OH MY GOD!! As I kneeled over the top of the machine, a master controled the movement and the speed and intensity. A woman fondled me and my man stood in front of me to kiss me. A crowd gathered in the room to watch and my orgasam was tremendous!!! I dismounted slowly . My legs were weak and felt shakey. I want one of those toys too!!!

A group massage room was next! My baby has great big hands and a lucky lady recieved his gift of touch. I joined in and soon many hands were probing and rubbing and the group effort was very much enjoyed by the recipient. My baby was next on the table and three lovely ladies gave him a massage he will  remember.

Our last event of the evening brought us to the Orgy Room. The talent was amazing to behold! We found a cozy spot on a mattress and started our own fun time. Soon the couple next to us asked to play. The sounds of other people having sex and enjoying them selves was such a turn on!! Baby and I helped our new friend cum and she continued to get off with her man. Then we were able to play and work out all the heated passion we had built up in the last several hours.

As we got cleaned up and dressed, we exited the hotel to re-enter the “real world”. Not too worse for the wear. I had a little rug burn on one knee. We learned new things, met new people and had a great time! However,the next time I will bring, not only a fabo wine, but pack a little basket of yummies to complement and provide energy for a night of swinging AND good food!! :O)

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2 Responses to Birds of a Feather Flock to a Hotel Takeover

  1. Suqui says:

    I am in love with your blog already! It is bringing back memories of my short lived peek into the lifestyle, it sure was fun.

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